Peter Halpren

(10th Mountain Div)

Freedom Ambassador

Peter Halpern is a Christian who was raised Jewish and finds this provides a unique perspective on the Bible which many Christians are not taught in their walk with God. A veteran of multiple mission trips, he has been involved in street ministry and crusade evangelism. Peter is also an Infantry veteran of the US Army, stationed in Fort Drum, NY as a part of 1/87th Infantry Brigade. As an E-4 Specialist, he was the Training Room NCO, and acting First Sergeant during JRTC (Joint Readiness Training).Peter started his first company in 1982, at age 13, helping companies and individuals find affordable used computers. During his life he has created five (5) solopreneur endeavours. These and his corporate career have helped him curate vast experience in leadership, sales, training, and cyber security, as well as in personal finance.


He has considerable experience in leading teams by promoting a system of inclusiveness, diligence and care. It is through these values that led him to also be on the Board of Directors for Bright Young Minds Coalition, a 501c3 non-profit, helping children reach their full potential via STEM-based training. Peter is an active member of multiple cybersecurity groups and organizations. In his rare spare time, he sleeps.






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