Gareth Burkinshaw

(CW2 Retired)


Gareth Burkinshaw has extensive leadership experience. Throughout his professional life he has been leaned on and pulled into leadership positions. As a Private in the Airborne Infantry he took on the responsibilities of a team leader. A position three places higher than the one he currently had. This was an assignment given to Mr. Burkinshaw in the midst of his first combat patrol in Afghanistan. Since then, Gareth has led troops as a Non-commissioned officer and Warrant Officer while also developing programs that led organizations into grater efficiency and effectiveness. He has developed, implemented, and led programs and departments both in the military and church with great success to the organizations and people involved. Gareth has learned how to manage millions of dollars of assets, as well as obtain victory while rubbing nickels together. All of this has prepared and qualified him to lead SfS from it’s humble beginning to its place of national impact.


Evangelist Gareth and his wife Leah (who also served in the Army as a Staff Sergeant. She was a medic and is now a Nurse Practitioner) live in the Tampa Florida area. He is the father of four children. After almost eleven years of service, Chief Burkinshaw was medically retired from the U.S. Army. Unbeknownst to him, Gareth began his training with Holy Spirit for victory in spiritual warfare as an Airborne Infantryman! While stationed at Ft. Bragg N.C. he deployed to Afghanistan in 2002 and quickly found himself in Iraq during 2003-2004. After being reassigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade, Gareth joined his unit in Afghanistan (2005-2006) as a Sergeant. Shortly after redeploying Gareth was accepted into the Warrant Officer program and became a Boeing CH-47 Chinook pilot. He put his newly learned skill set into practice during his fourth and final combat deployment (Iraq 2009). In 2017/2018 he helped Pastor and plant a local church and house of prayer, but now enjoys being a member of Bay Chapel in Tampa. Gareth is now invested full time in the freedom of our Veterans as well as the Chaplain of a local mental health hospital where he is focused with one on one ministry in the hospital's Veteran wing. After years of trying to get an answer with conventional PTSD treatment, Gareth was miraculously healed of PTSD,TBI, addiction, and many physical issues by Jesus. Gareth has experienced incredible change in his life and continues to do so on a daily basis. He teams up with Holy Spirit everyday in order to give as freely as he has received. He has had the honor of preaching the Gospel in power in various places around America, as well as in Haiti and the United Kingdom. He is passionate about leading others into that same kind of encounter with the King of kings.

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