Answering the Silent Screams

Like any mighty Army we have the responsibility, honor, and joy of being multifaceted. The mission never changes, but the environment always does. That’s the nature of the front line! Below are the different places we are bringing life changing breakthrough to.


We have been expanding and preparing for the day when we can proclaim that 23 or more amazing hero’s a day receive their freedom. This is the number we want our nation to publish and celebrate. We are tired of being a nation that sadly only has bad news to report on this matter which brings more mourning. You will also see some of the fronts we are training for and preparing to move our team into. Your prayer, time, and financial support goes into making these missions successful as well as free to all those we help.




Soulutions for Soldiers


Freedom Adventures


Walls come down in relationship. As veterans and First Responders we have learned to quickly trust each other as we exert ourselves, push ourselves, and enjoy our unique environments together! We are excited about earning your trust and getting to know you in the midst of adventure. We are excited to take you salt water fishing out on the Tampa Bay and experience the lush woods and trails of central Florida! We will push ourselves and enjoy the land we have defended, protected, and served together.





Mental Health


Every week we bring incredible hope and major breakthrough into the North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital. This incredible facility is staffed with mental health professionals who understand the importance of spiritual health and its strong connection to mental health. Not only do they understand this, but irregardless of their personal beliefs they make room for their patients to engage in faith based help. We are not just there to provide

a faith service but to meet with these hero’s one on one for faith based ministry. We have seen incredible breakthrough and continue to hear stories of freedom because we remain a resource to these Veterans once they leave the hospital. We don’t leave people behind!






Lima Charlie Radio, COMING SOON!


Soulutions for Soldiers is partnering with Freedom FM to create a weekly radio show geared towards Veterans and First Responders. This is the first of its kind and will be broadcast on 50 stations across the US as well as online. We will keep you posted as to the air date as we are currently in the recording process. We are taking our time with this in order to create an incredible show. We have also partnered with Veterans Radio Ministry ( in order to share this message of real hope to all those who need it!






On the Horizon


As we continue to train, equip, and send out Freedom Ambassadors we will engage this fight in the jails, hospitals, Veterans courts, Nursing homes, the homeless and Hospice environments. Our founder is adamant about honoring and serving the generations that went before us and fought hard for the benefits we now enjoy. Sadly many of those we want to honor are calling these places home. We must deploy to these fronts and we need to do it soon!



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