Answering the Silent Screams

Soulutions for Soldiers

Hope is our fighting chance! If your experience is anything like our founders then you have been told there isn't any.



"There is no cure for PTSD or TBI. At least that's what every professional out there told me. I was searching, I needed an answer, I needed something to change the life I was living. I was a good patient, submitting to every method of therapy, medication, and form of inner healing that was available, but the clanging sound of the well intentioned voices still rang loudly in my head, "it won't ever be completely better. Before it does get better it's going to get worse. The idea is to have more good days than bad." The failed realization of every professional that I spoke to was this, if it was going to get worse before it got better, there wouldn’t be a "better" because I was at the point of suicide! That was the "worse" for me, bringing it all to an end. I needed something real and I needed it immediately."

-Gareth B.


What’s the point?


I've already lost everything that matters. What's the point of being better when I can't serve anymore anyway? The relationships are already destroyed and gone. Better to what end?




The broken pieces of your existence matter and now have incredible value and purpose as long as your life is still attached to them! In death, as they lay now, they will lose that value and purpose becoming symbols of enemy victory. As we pick the pieces up together, we will connect them to the bigger picture and celebrate with you as your pain meets purpose with peace and joy. As War fighters and First Responders we are mission minded people. Many of us have lost the mission through separation from our place of service. That’s not a

transition most of do well or with ease. Regardless of whether we choose or our circumstances choose a separation from service, your new mission has only just begun! We are raising up others who are able to bring freedom to those in need. It’s no good to just talk about a great result with hope. We minister to action takers, to those who know talk is cheap, to those who were willing to back their words and the words of the government they have citizenship in with action. Today, we stand by this as we share our story of freedom and jump into the foxhole with those still suffering.



Conventional doesn't work anymore. Whether engaging the enemy in the mountains of Afghanistan, on the Seas of the World, or policing and practicing emergency medicine on the streets of western civilization, the conventional methods of yesteryear just don't cut it. We have all learned that we can't accomplish our missions on our own. These dynamic mission fields have required us to incorporate other agencies into our plan. Sometimes agencies we wouldn't normally or originally have considered working with.


"As Veterans and First Responders we often stood in the "foxhole" with those we never would have collaborated with on the outside. The fight isn't over. At "22" American veteran suicides a day, plus those in the PD and FD the reality is, the wire is breached! The enemy is taking us out on our own ground, but I don't believe we have to lose this battle! So, brothers and sisters in arms share this because this story of truth has saved lives!"


-Our Founder Retired CW2 Burkinshaw




So many that are hurting have lost faith in systems, programs, doctrine, and religion. We still have faith that there is something greater than us worth serving. We still passionately love our nation and community, but we don’t want anymore hypocrisy or politically correct fluff. On the front lines of life we abandoned the comfy rock we lived under and exposed our hearts to the realities of the real world. Direct truth is something you demand. We not only understand this but embrace it!


"I didn't care what would work I just needed something that would be a permanent very real solution. I decided to let some people pray for me and it's the best decision I ever made. Yes, I was scared, but I had faced armed terrorists, jumped out of planes in the middle of the night, and flown helicopters in less than ideal conditions. I wasn't going to let fear stand in my way of the very thing I fought for-freedom. I wasn't going to be a prisoner of my own life anymore!"


-President of SfS






Our unconventional, not religious, non "step after step" program is not without structure, faith, and process. Our methods are not ceremonial or churchy. Our process is repeatable, as in it can be taught, but not a regimented droning step by step program. Our method is a relationship (brotherhood & camaraderie), purpose (your new mission) driven process. FREEDOM IS YOUR PORTION! We are living it and have been for years!


"To put it simply and as abbreviated as possible: During a night of simple but purposeful prayer JESUS SET ME FREE!!! That means no more rage, irritability, nightmares, hyper vigilance, anxiety, memory loss, lack of

focus, impulsive and reckless behavior, nerve pain, migraines, couldn’t love emptiness, seclusion/ agoraphobia, substance abuse, suicidal ideation, and hopelessness! No more dope, no more pills, no more needing a drink, no more meds, and no more doctor appointment after doctor appointment! It didn't stop there! I have developed and maintained my freedom through an ever growing and personal relationship with Jesus! I have seen many others set free from the very same thing in the same simplicity of prayer! Jesus is powerful and truly does meet every need no matter how impossible the world says it is. It's your turn! What Jesus did for me He WILL do for you! You will experience a difference in your life and the life of your family. We can help you!"


-The guy who wanted nothing to do with church and organized do-good religion 4 time combat Veteran and Founder of Soulutions for Soldiers


-Gareth Burkinshaw







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