Answering the Silent Screams

Soulutions for Soldiers

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Even though you were never captured, are you a POW?

We have not forgotten! We understand and intimately know the hell of being prisoner to an existence that can’t possibly be your own. The endless emptiness covered in suffocating blackness, littered with what feels like twisted and jagged metal. This picture and personal reality of your own soul in which you are endlessly falling into is so far away from the world around you that no one can hear your scream. Or so it seems, but our ears constantly ring with its silence and we are responding. Soulutions for Soldiers has the means to extract you!


Are you reporting for duty, but still MIA?

Soulutions for Soldiers gets it, we have wished to feel the pain of not being able to love those closest to us. To be surrounded by well-intentioned people who love us and, as much as we wanted to meet their need and love them back, we couldn't. The agony of not being able to even as we stood before them tormented us. We have experienced having the entire world at our finger tips without any of our passion or desire available to us. We have operated on a 4-digit grid with a cracker jack compass while the world around us has 10 digits plugged into a GPS.


Search and Rescue (SAR) for the POW/MIA's of PTSD!

This is what SFS does because of who we are. We are different from anything else you have tried!  We are not a textbook, cookie cutter program that will speak down to the grave you are in! We are going to turn that grave into a foxhole and jump in it with you! We will help you as you at times have to dig through the mud and turn your foxhole into a trench. We will be there with you as a battle Buddy/duty partner when it’s time to get out of the trench and move forward! We fight for the freedom of freedom fighters! Your lives have been a part of someone else's story! You have shouldered the weight of those stories, those battles, those victories and losses. You have provided the freedom, space, and opportunity for others to share their story. The world needs to hear your story! Our communities, nation, and families can’t afford to lose you. We are here to lead you into an emotional and spiritual place of wholeness to where you can be heard and understood. A place where you can enjoy your own story! Understanding and being aware that 22 veterans plus first responders die every day while countless others experience imploding hellish lives is not good enough! It’s time to take action and drop our "little Boy" and "Fat Man" on the enemy of PTSD. It's time for the new greatest generation to emerge!





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Soulutions for Soldiers

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